Too Cloudy? Change the Weather with New Photo-Editing Tech

Whoever said you can’t control the weather was wrong. A new photo-editing program lets you decide if you’re a rainy day kind of person or if you prefer bright and sunny afternoons.

The new photo-editing algorithm allows people to control certain features of outdoor photographs, known as “transient attributes,” which include weather, time of day and even the season. Users can decide how they want their photograph to look by sending simple text commands to an interactive database. Making a photo a touch drearier is as simple as sending a command to the database that reads “more rain,” according to the researchers who developed the new technology.

Normally, photographers would need to invest in expensive software, such as Adobe Photoshop, in order to make these types of changes to a photograph, said James Hays, an assistant professor of computer science at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, who developed the new algorithm.

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