New to domains?

Eager to get started online? Find out everything you need to know about domains and learn how you can get your very first web address with us.

Getting started with Domain names

First things first…why do you need a Domain name? They’re a human friendly version of a website address. Without them, you would be stuck with a load of numbers. Not great for marketing purposes!

So we use domains to identify sites. When choosing a name you should select a term people will use to search for your site. Most obviously, this could be your brand or personal name. Think about how you search on Google yourself.

Now that you have decided on the perfect web address for your new site, we’ll explain how to register it.
How to register a domain name

This is the name for your website and it is what people will type in to get to your site. It is important to choose a name that not only represents your company but is also easy to remember. For example if your company was called “Bob’s Estate Agents” an ideal domain name would be It is also possible to add hyphens to make it easier to read like but remember the shorter the name the easier it is to remember.

There are so many different domain extensions such as .biz, .info, .net, .so, .sx and .xxx. But which is best for you? That depends on what you are doing with your website.

Domain Features

Our streamlined tool bar makes even advanced domain management a cinch, and with our handy FAQs and outstanding Customer Care, assistance is always within reach. All these features are guaranteed free for all customers from day one, so whether you’re new to the net or certifiably web-worldly, you’ll have everything you need to run your domain like a pro.



URL Forwarding

Redirect your domain to any URL with ease. Want to reach out to new readers by personalizing a Tumblr, Blogger or WordPress blog, or make your LinkedIn resume stand out to potential employers? URL Forwarding lets you do just that.
URL Forwards

Email Forwarding

feature_emailForward email sent to your domain’s email address to any mailbox you choose. You can even apply custom settings for individual addresses, or you can use our catchall feature to direct all your domain emails to one account. Give your company website’s email address a clean, professional veneer and boost your online branding, or make yourself easier for family and friends to reach with a memorable new address. With email forwarding, you don’t have to compromise on how you communicate.




DNS Management

Our specially-designed DNS Control Panel acts as your domain’s base of operations, and with its distinctive, streamlined design, you’ll have your domain up and running quicker than ever. With just a few clicks you can connect your domain to any webhost you’d like, and configure A Records, CNAME Records and MX Records in seconds. Domains with email can be set up with MX Records just as easily, all from one convenient location. Your domain’s behavior is your business. Ensuring you can manage it easily is ours.
Subdomain Management

Your domain is yours to manage how you wish, and that includes everything before its TLD. With our subdomain management toolbar, you can create easily managed, memorable destination names for every corner of your website. Get your blog some extra exposure by adding a “.blog” subdomain, or create a handy address for your customers to share their feedback with a “.contactus” subdomain. There are no boundaries for self-expression on the Internet. Push your domain to its limits with United Domains.