Mazhar Nadeem

Mazhar Nadeem

Hey there, I’m Mazhar Nadeem, a Full Stack Flutter developer with extensive expertise in the latest technologies like Flutter, Dart, Firebase, Sqflite, MongoDB, Hive, FCM, Getx, Rest API, Rapid API, WebSocket, Postman, Git, CI/CD (Codemagic), Stripe, cPanel, SaaS, Cron Job, and many more.

With my skills in Flutter, I can build cutting-edge, cross-platform apps that are fast, reliable, and visually stunning. I am well-versed in Firebase and can seamlessly integrate its services like real-time databases, user authentication, and push notifications into my apps to make them more interactive and user-friendly.

I also have a deep understanding of Rest API, Rapid API, and WebSocket, which enables me to develop dynamic and responsive apps that seamlessly integrate with third-party services. My expertise in Git ensures proper version control and collaboration with other developers, while my knowledge of CI/CD (Codemagic) allows for continuous integration and deployment to keep apps up to date and error-free.

Furthermore, I have experience with Stripe, a payment processing platform that allows for secure and reliable payment transactions in your app. My proficiency in cPanel and SaaS platforms enables me to manage and deploy apps efficiently.

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